Sunlight Lantern
portable sunlight for when you need it most

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Girl with solar lantern

the future is bright

At Sunlight, we design and build portable solar-powered lighting solutions to brighten your world. Our world-wide patent pending inflatable solar lantern designs incorporate the latest technology to offer a safe and reliable source of light for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions. As the original designers and creators of these innovative products, we are dedicated to using only the finest materials and craftsmanship to meet our exacting standards for superior value and performance. And now, we are offering our products for sale factory direct, including our solar lantern products that have been marketed under various other brand names (such as Mpowerd Luci, Sun Genie, and Air Lantern). If you need a portable, long lasting, durable, light-weight, and waterproof lighting solution, you can count on Sunlight to deliver when you need it most.

customer quotes

"The typhoon left thousands of people here in the Philippines stuck in temporary shelter without access to light. We distributed hundreds of Sunlight lanterns to provide people with an essential source of light and try to help get them back on the road to normalcy once again."

~Willi Hahn, Hahn Distribution

"We in the Boy Scout Troop 225 also use the lanterns on backpacking and camping trips. The illumination from the lanterns is more than sufficient to light up a cooking area and stove as we cook our evening meals, and for clean-up and even reading afterwards!"

~Steve Rhods, Scout Master

boy with outdoor inflatable lantern
emergency lantern

don't get stuck in the dark

Emergency situations often happen when we least expect them. A power outage or flat tire could leave you stuck in the dark. Are you prepared? Our products are compact, easy to store, and will hold a charge for years. When you need light in a pinch, Sunlight will be there for you.

save even more... get one for your house, car, and RV/boat!

The original inflatable solar lantern
provides up to 12 hours of light on a single charge
waterproof and virtually indestructable
recharges in the sun, no need to replace batteries
lasts for years!

buy factory direct now and save!
(only $9.99 each)
Inflatable solar lantern in hand


Inflatable solar powered LED lantern


Sunlight inflatable lantern provides light to people around the world


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